Preparing Your Children for the Workplace

What skills can we help teach our children today that will prepare them for the workplace? As a parent of an eight-year old, I am reminded of this question often to make sure I’m teaching her the right skills. I remember in Kindergarten when the teacher called me because my daughter talked too much in class. I thought about it for a minute, and actually wasn’t upset.  Talking too much – learning to communicate – I think that’s an important skill. I decided to skip the lecture on “talking” and focused on being more respectful to others who are talking and the appropriateness of talking at the right time.

Children are our future and we all should set a good example for our children. So, with that said, what are the best examples to give?  Some of my favorites are listed below:

·         Take your children with you to volunteer

·         Ask them for their help in your next yard sale

·         Have them participate with you in buying for someone in need

·         Eat dinner with them daily with the TV off – talk with them about their day and your day

JA Job Shadow

JA Job Shadow

While these are very simple things to do with your children, I have witnessed the impact on my child from those simple tasks.

First, volunteering with your family is not only rewarding, it’s also a great activity to do as a family. I am fortunate to work for a company that prioritizes community engagement. Last year, my family (including my daughter’s best friend) went to a local shelter and cleaned it. 

Participating in a yard sale is also a great experience. I had no idea how impactful it would be until I watched my daughter in action. Not only did she clean out her closet and toy chest to sell her items, she learned valuable sales skills. She negotiated the price for her items and once she sold all of her things, she decided to donate all of her money to children in need.  It was a special teaching moment for us all.

My employer and I adopted a local hospital for Christmas three years ago.  We wanted to make the holidays special for all of their youngest patients.  So, as a good mother would do, I took my daughter shopping on Black Friday to purchase DVD tapes and other items from Wal Mart. To this day, she continues to want to give at Christmas more than receive.

Finally, the simplest of tasks can help more than most realize. Taking the time to talk with your children every day, about daily activities, life events, and current media headlines is so very important.  Learning how to communicate is the key to a successful life – both personally and professionally. Talk to your children. Teach them daily what is important in life and what isn’t. 

I hope that my daughter is prepared for the workforce when she is able.  I try every day to be a good example and show her my work ethic. I was taught at a young age to work hard and always give your best. I think that’s what we all should do to help prepare the next generation.


-Stephanie Dickens, Vice President of Strategic Growth at Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group

-Stephanie Dickens, Vice President of Strategic Growth at Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group