Why Volunteer?

What do JA Programs teach?

JA programs teach students in kindergarten through high school important real-world concepts in financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship.

What is expected of a JA Volunteer?

We have opportunities to meet every schedule, from one-time visits that last just 90 minutes, to seven-lesson programs that allow you to build strong rapport with a class.  Our staff can also work with you to accommodate your schedule as necessary.  Please see a summary of time commitments for some of our most popular programs below.  To see specific classes, please click on the Volunteer Opportunities button above.

  • Elementary School Programs: Five Lessons | One/Week | 30 Minutes
  • Middle School Programs: Six Lessons | One/Week | 45 Minutes
  • High School Programs: Seven Lessons | One/Week | 45 - 60 Minutes
  • JA Company Program: 3-5 Volunteer Visits & Online Interaction | Flexible Scheduling | 90 Minutes
  • JA Finance Park: 1 Volunteer Visit | 90 Minutes


How do JA programs help students succeed?